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Animal Anatomy for Artists PDF is a book written by Eliot Goldfinger. The book was originally published in 2004 and it has since been a great resource for artists who want to excel at animal anatomy. There are a whole lot of books about human anatomy because that is considered the chief subject but animal anatomy is equally important since we use the animal in our medical experiments and we need to test the effect of different stimuli and drugs on animals before they can be administered to humans. There are over 500 original drawings in the book and about 70 photographs. The book is suitable for everyone whether you are a beginner level artists or you are a professional looking to learn a little more. To get it, download Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf free.

Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf Review:

The author of this book places emphasis on the fact that the body has several volumes. These are created by the stacking or organs. So, in his book, he reveals how these organs are interrelated and how muscles play a role in determining the shape of the animal body. He also shows how bones can determine proportion and shape in the body on their own and by associating with muscles. In his book, he offers a very straightforward guide for drawing animals. Firstly, he explains the classification of animals and then lists the nonmedical terms for the names.

Then, he goes on to explain the basic body plan of an organism. The line drawings are made with a lot of detailing and there are black and white photographs of animals in the book. The major body portions such as the lower limb and back are explained in the book. Each muscle is depicted separately and Goldfinger also focused on the side views and cross-sections of different anatomical regions.

Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf

Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf Features:

  • Special organs like antlers, hoofs, and feathers are dealt with separately.
  • The author has also explained the venous system in animals.

Download Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf Free:

You can download Animal Anatomy for Artists Pdf ebook free below.

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