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Artistic Anatomy PDF is a book written by Dr. Paul Richer. It was published in 1971 and was edited by Robert Beverly Hale. Published by Watson Guptill, a new edition came out in 1986. This book is a classic and the original version which was published in the 1800s is considered a collector’s item now. It is believed that this book is one of its kinds ever since the Renaissance took place. It is also believed that the original version was used by people like Bazille, Degas, Renoir, and Braque. To get the book, download Artistic Anatomy Pdf here.

The English edition has been written by two esteemed people in the field of anatomy. While Paul Richer is an anatomy artist, Robert Beverly Hale is a celebrated figure drawer and teacher of anatomy. Robert Hale was the one who translated the book into English and edited for the modern reader to comprehend and take help from.

Artistic Anatomy Review:

This book is a classic from the French era and gives an insight into anatomy from an artistic perspective. Modern readers will find this book very helpful as it shows the knowledge that people back in the day had about the human body and how they portrayed it. Robert Hale is a known figure in the field of anatomy. His lectures have been compiled for students and general readers to take guidance from. His credibility can be calculated from the fact that he made life-size drawings on the spot. He has also written other books about anatomical drawings.

Artistic Anatomy Pdf

Artistic Anatomy Pdf Features:

  • Artistic Anatomy is a gem from the French era that people can now cherish in English all thanks to Robert Hale and Paul Richer.
  • The artistic diagrams in the book show the different structural features of the human body and how they incorporate into different organ systems.

Download Artistic Anatomy Pdf Free:

You can download Artistic Anatomy Pdf by Paul Richer free via the download button below.

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