Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf [3rd Edition] Download Free

Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf is a book written by Pierre Kamina. It is published by Thieme and the latest edition came out in 2016. This book has laid down the principles of anatomy in a simple way that can be understood by readers. It is an ideal book for the students who have just started their journey in the field of medicine and want to become familiar with the structural aspects of the human body. Also, it can be used as a guide for any neurosurgeon who wants to get an updated atlas of anatomy in their library instead of an outdated version. With its technical approach, the book is not only recommended for surgeons but also for med students. To get the book, download Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf free.

Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf Review:

The Atlas is clear in its descriptions and images. Along with that, it is also very accurate in all its depictions and has revised content. If you are looking to master the details of human anatomy, this book is a great tool for you since it contains about 1900 illustrations that are fully explained in terms of the labeling. The book is divided according to chapters on each body regions.

Each region has its own sectional chapter and its own radiographic chapter that explain the concepts of each organ system. Since there are radiographic images in the book, it helps to make the students aware of the clinical aspects of each organ system and associate the organs with their clinical approaches. Pelvis and perineum are one of the most complex systems in anatomy so the author has made it very easy with detailed information and comprehensive information.

Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf

Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf Features:

  • There are more than 170 tables in the book those summaries the details.
  • Also, there are muscle facts dispersed in the book.
  • There is allowed access to which helps with exam preparation.

Download Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf Free:

You can download Atlas of Anatomy Gilroy Pdf 3rd edition free via the download button below.

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