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Anatomy is the very basic subject for medical students. It is also one of the foremost subject that is thought in medical schools. The reason for keeping it at the first year of medical school is that it makes the basis of doctors to learn other subjects. All other subjects depends on this anatomy. If you don’t study anatomy first, you would never understand other subjects. Therefore if you want to make a strong base, you would need to learn anatomy.

Anatomy is actually not an easy subject and it is very lengthy too. Therefore students don’t have must time in the last days of exam to revise all the long books like snell anatomy, grays anatomy, clinically oriented anatomy etc. Therefore  every student needs a short book on anatomy for USMLE and other exams. And one of the short book for this purpose is BRS anatomy pdf. You can download this book in pdf format at the end of this reviews. Also you can buy brs gross anatomy at discount prices at the right side of this page.

BRS Gross Anatomy pdf:

Boards Review Series gross anatomy pdf is written by Kyung Won Chung. This book is published by BRS, boards review series which is a well known publisher of short books that are used especially for USMLE. The best thing about this book is that, it is a complete single book of gross anatomy and this would save a lot of your time while preparation for exams or just revising things. But it is not good for first use. For that you should read the long books that are mentioned above. You can download those long books from the links above.

brs anatomy pdf-download free


Here are some of the unique features of brs anatomy:

  • This book can be used for medica, dental, phiysical therapy and many other students as well.
  • Simple illustrations are given. All the topics are summarized so that only important points are remembered.
  • This is the short book but still contains all the content that a standard book has.
  • Updated clinical correlations in the latest editions.
  • Summaries at the end of every chapter. It helps students to recall everything that they read.
  • Also embryonic notes are given where necessary.
  • Question and answers (chapter review test) given at the end of every chapter is extremely benefitical for students to test themselves.
  • Diagrams and pictures of differnet anatomical structures are extremely helpful.
  • The comprehensive examination given at the end of book is one of the best assit for preperation for boards.

Download different editions of this book here:

5th Edition:

Download 5th edition of this book below

6th Edition:

Download 6th edition of brs anatomy below

Download BRS Gross Anatomy 7th edition pdf:

You can download the lastest edition of Boards Review series Anatomy pdf below:

Note: This is copyrighted material. We have removed all the books of Boards Review Series Due to copyright issue. Please buy this book using the link below.

Buy BRS Gross Anatomy:

You can buy brs gross anatomy 8th edition only for $49 (discount price) here.


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