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Neuroanatomy is the subject of structure of the complete nervous system. Human neuroanatomy is one of the important subject and to get though USMlE you must study it. There are many books of neuroanatomy like snell neuroanatomy. But those long books would not help you for USMLE test. Because there are many subjects and you wouldn’t have enough time to study the long books for every subject. Therefore you must rely on short books like boards review series.

BRS has also published a short book of neuroanatomy. And it has a pdf version as well that is called brs neuroanatomy pdf. You can download this pdf version at the end of this review.

Boards Review Series Neuroanatomy pdf Review:

This book of neuroanatomy is written by Douglas J. Gould. It is published by boards review series. This book would help you to revise all the anatomy part of neurology means the gross structure of brain and spinal cord. There are various diagrams and illustrations that would help you will the learning and revision process. Because learning neuroanatomy is not an easy task. It would need a lot of time to study the complete neuroanatomy. But a good book would make your work more easy. This book would save a lot of your precious time because the author has written only short notes and important points along with tables and diagrams.

brs neuroanatomy pdf

You can learn more about by reading the features below:

Features of BRS Neuroanatomy pdf:

  • It is one of the best resource of neuroanatomy for USMLE.
  • Can be also used from anatomy exams other then USMLE.
  • It is different illustration and tables that help in studying gross structures of brain and spinal cord.
  • Only important notes about brain and spinal cord are given.
  • Clinical case studies are development of brain and spinal cord is also given.

Download BRS Neuroanatomy pdf:

You can download BRS Neuroanatomy latest edition pdf below:

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