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Physiology is the study of functions of different organs and systems of the body and their coordination. It deals with different mechanisms of different events that occur in the body. Of course it is the very basics of medical sciences. One has to learn it before he/she proceed to more advance subjects that totally depends on basic subjects like physiology.

If you want to learn physiology then there are a lot of famous long books like guyton medical physiology.  But if you want to study for exams or USMLE, then you would need some good short book. The reason is that there are many subjects and one could not read all the long books.

For this purpose a short book series called BRS i.e Boards Review Series is very famous and widely used. There is a physiology book of this series as well called BRS physiology or Linda S Costanzo Physiology. You can read our review of this book below:

Linda S Costanzo Physiology pdf:

This book is written by Linda S. Costanzo. BRS physiology pdf is considered one of the best short book of physiology. The reason is that, it saves a lot of your precious time. It is very easy to read and understand and is the best book for reviews and revising topics for exams like the USMLE test.

BRS series has written books on almost all medical subjects. And they are the best selling books and same is the case with its physiology book. It is one of the most read and advised book. This book has many good reviews, you can read them online and can try it yourself by testing the pdf version. You can download costanzo physiology in pdf format from the link below. And if you like it and want to buy in hard copy, you can use our link (below) to buy it at discount price from amazon with free shipping.

Before buying this book, first read about some of its features and decide yourself if it is worth buying or not:

brs physiology pdf-download free

Features of BRS Physiology pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • BRS series is one of the well known short books series.
  • Its physiology book is one of the best selling and most searched book on internet.
  • It has 95% positive reviews.
  • It has 350+ USMLE type questions and their answers.
  • New edition of this book has full colored design.
  • This book is in the form of short, importand points. Means you would not need to read lengthily paragraphs and that’s why it is very much time saving book.
  • New editions has updated texts.
  • Increased emphasis on pathophysiology.
  • It has many important clinical notes.
  • Almost everything is explained in the form of tables that makes it even more easy to learn physiology in less time.
  • You can also access BRS online which offers great flexibility in studies.
  • Online format highlights the most tested topics for step 1.

Table of Contents:

Here is the table of contents of this book that would help you to know about the sequence of this book:

  1. Cell physiology- Everything about the cell and basics of life.
  2. NeuroPhysiology- About the function of Nervous system in human body  and sensory and motor physiology.
  3. Cardiovascular physiology- This chapter is about Human heart, circulatory system and their functions and clinical problems.
  4. Respiratory Physiology- This chapter is about the human respiratory system, its components, functions and disorders/diseases.
  5. Renal and Acid-Base physiology- About acid-base balance and role of kidney in human body.
  6. GIT physiology. It is about gastro intestinal functions i.e its motility, secretions, digestion and absorption.
  7. Endocrinology. This chapter is about the study of function of various harmones in human body.

Download BRS Costanzo Physiology pdf  6th edition pdf free:

You can download BRS physiology pdf 6th edition free below:

Note: BRS Physiology free preview pdf copy download link removed due to copyright issue.

Buy BRS Physiology in Hard copy:

Want to buy it in hard copy? yes, then you can buy it only on 35$ from this link with free shipping.

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