Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple pdf [7th & 8th Edition]

Pharmacology is considered to be one of the toughest subject of medical sciences. If you want to become a physician or pharmacist, you would need to Study pharmacology. Learning the names and actions of all the drugs is very hard. And majority of the time, the students forget these drugs after short time. In this situation you would need to revise it again and again and for such revision a good shot book can saves a lot of time.

Although, there are many famous books of pharmacology like lippincott pharmacology, KD Tripathi, kutzung and much more.

But if you are in the same situation mentioned above, just download clinical pharmacology made ridiculously simple pdf from this page and revise all of the pharma in almost no time.

Clinical Pharmacology Made ridiculously simple:

This books is written and published by one of the famous series. This is one of the widely used and sold book. It is written by James Olson, MD. The best thing about this book is tables that list same categories of drugs. Which makes it super easy to learn them.

download clinical pharmacology made ridiculously simple pdf free

Features of clinical pharmacology made ridiculously simple pdf:

Here are some of the features that makes this books completely unique:

  • This is published by made ridiculously simple series.
  • As mentioned earlier, this book has various tables that makes it very different from other.
  • This book has colorful diagrams that simple learning different processes.
  • This book is used all over the globe by many students.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Principles of Pharmacology
  • Chapter 2: Peripheral Nervous System
  • Chapter 3: Central Nervous System
  • Chapter 4: Cardiovascular and Hematology Drugs
  • Chapter 5: Respiratory Drugs
  • Chapter 6: Gastrointestinal Agents
  • Chapter 7: Anti-Infective Agents
  • Chapter 8: Anticancer Drugs
  • Chapter 9: Anti-inflammatory and Immunomodulating Agents
  • Chapter 10: Endocrine System


I developed the format of this book while teaching a review course in pharmacology
to medical students who were having difficulty with the standard course. The students
stated that the concepts of pharmacology were not difficult, but that they were overwhelmed
by the quantity of material. They spent hours leafing through pages, trying to
identify subtle differences between drugs that have similar names, actions. pharmacokinetics
and side effects.

This guide organizes related drugs in tables. It allows the student to learn about a
prototype drug and the important ways that related drugs differ. The text that surrounds
the tables emphasizes key issues pertaining to therapeutic rationale. basic pharmacologic
principles and clinical use of the drugs.

The book blends the essentials of basic pharmacology and clinical pharmacology so
that the transition from classroom to hospital is less abrupt. Students report that the
book is most effective when lecture notes are written directly on the tables and margins,
providing a single, concise guide for finals and the national Boards. The book can then
be used during clinical training for a rapid review of the principles that guide rational
prescribing practices

Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple contains the information required to
perform well on the National Boards and to answer most pharmacology questions asked
during clinical rounds. It does not present historical aspects of pharmacology, ex:haus~
live lists of side effects and drug interactions, or other details that are best found in
traditional texts or formularies.

I welcome comments and suggestions for future editions.

Download Clinical pharmacology made ridiculously simple pdf:

You can download pharmacology made ridiculously simple pdf free below:

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    Excellent Work. Please upload some book of General Practice as well as related to diagnosis and treatment books for fresh doctors. Thanks

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    Hey Dr.Khan, this book doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Is it still available? or did you have to take it down?

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    Would you mind if I ask for the soft copy of the other BRS? it would be greatly appreciated,Doc since I am really motivated to do well for the PLE

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    Please send me link of the above book or soft copy, if possible . I need it too much . Thanks in advance.

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    hello dr.khan, its really great to see that you are sharing books, can u pls send me this clinical pharmacology made simple and the immunology made simple, it’ll be really grateful sir, thanks a lot

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    • Dr Khan
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      Can I too get a copy of “Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple” to my email…
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