Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf Download Free [Rohen 8th Edition]

Color Atlas of Anatomy is a book written by Cohen and Yokochi. The book’s seventh edition is the latest edition that has been released in the market for sale. Published by LWW, the latest edition came out in 2010 and is completely in English. This book is a photographic account of the human body thus enabling the readers to familiarize themselves with the different organs of the human body and their positions in the body. This book is made for med students and people who are working in any other biological field but it can also serve as a great general book for anyone interested in the structure of the human body. To get the book, download Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf for free.

Color Atlas of Anatomy Review:

This book is extremely informative in the sense that it has color images of human organs. These images are taken from cadaver dissections and they are accompanied by diagnostic images of each of the organs shown. There are also schematic diagrams for a better understanding of the readers. Students will be able to see the organs just as they would in the dissection lab. It is a much better depiction of the human body as compared to the illustrations that are present in many books.

Different regions of the human body are mentioned in different chapters with their diagnostic images and schematic diagrams. The new edition also has new graphics such as antagonistic muscle functions and nerve verities. Students will also learn about the clinical aspect as there are endoscopic techniques and CTs in the book too.

Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf

Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf Features:

  • This atlas has colored dissection images which are an appreciated step up from the black and white pictures.
  • There is also a website for this book that contains full text and interactive software to help students understand the concepts better.
  • The new edition contains better quality images of different organs that are high resolution.

Download Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf Free:

You can download Color Atlas of Anatomy Pdf 8th edition free via the download button below.

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