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Constructive Anatomy PDF is a book written by George Bridgman. The book was originally published in 1920 by Dover Publications. This book is not only a helpful study guide for students but it has also helped form many other books since its release. Many authors and students have learned from this book. Bridgman has added some superb sketches in his book. He shows how the human body can be drawn and how its structure and movement both can be shown. There are about 500 of these sketches in the book, touching all portions of the human body. To get it, download Constructive Anatomy Pdf for free.

Constructive Anatomy Pdf Review:

The greatest feature of the book is that each drawing is made with respect to movement. The author has focused on movement in the legs, arms, wrists, pelvis, hips and other parts of the body. There are diagrams of these areas in motion and in repose so that the reader can understand the changes that take place in the organs to make the body move. The sketches also portray how the muscles and bones associate together to aid in movement and how the interrelation of different organs in the body is brought about.

Whether it is twisting, turning or interlocking of different regions, all postures are shown in the book. Artists, students and even instructors will find this book very helpful in understanding different areas of the human body. They will save a lot of research time by using this book as a guide.

Constructive Anatomy Pdf

Constructive Anatomy Pdf Features:

  • This book can be used by anyone.
  • Artists will find the sketches helpful while students will learn about anatomical features of the body.
  • Since movement is an important subject in the book, the reader will also understand how the structural makeup of the body assists in easy movement and why some kinds of movements are restricted.

Download Constructive Anatomy Pdf Free:

You can download Constructive Anatomy Pdf free via the download button here.

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