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Basic and clinical pharmacology by katzung pdf is one the standard book of pharmacology. This book has 13th editions and is read, used and recommended by many teachers and doctors. The best thing about this book is that, this book is very to the point and has various tables that makes it easy to lean names and actions of drugs.

It also has clinical case studies that makes it more appealing for students. So, if you are a medical student and want to learn pharmacology you should download basic and clinical pharmacology pdf free from this page. You can also buy this book in hard copy from amazon with free shipping from this link below.

katzung pharmacology pdf

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To know more about the book, read the features below:

Features of katzung pharmacology pdf:

Here are are some of the features of this book that makes it different from other pharmacology books:

  • This is the standard book with 13 edition.
  • This book has various clinical case studies that makes is more special for medical students because most of pharmacology books don’t have clinical points in much detail.
  • This book has comparison tables, which can help student to learn names and actions of different group of drugs. It also helps students for quick review during exams.
  • All the new and advanced drugs are added to the latest edition which are not given in most of the books.
  • There are many diagrams that helps to understand different mechanisms.
  • Some new chapters are added in the latest edition.
  • features of basic and clinical pharmacology pdf

Some screenshots of basic and clinical pharmacology:

Here are some of the screenshots of this book:

katzung pdf diagrams screenshot pharma book

Download katzung pharmacology pdf free:

You can download katzung pharmacology in pdf format from the link below. You can use this pdf format to read this book anywhere you want. Just download it in your mobile, tablet or laptop and enjoy reading pharmacology at any place, any time you want.

You can download basic and clinical pharmacology pdf free here.

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