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Histology is the microscopic study. Human histology is the study of various human tissue with the help of microscope. It is one of the basic subject of medical sciences and a branch of human anatomy. Learning histology is very important because without learning this, you can’t study other subjects like pathology. Histology is all about slides and microscopic examination therefore it couldn’t be studied without an atlas. One of the best atlas for histology is Di fiore atlas of histology. You can read my complete review of this atlas from the link above. But today i am going to review one of the short book of histology that would aid you in revision for exams. And that book is called board review series histology. BRS histology pdf is the pdf version of this book and can be downloaded for free from the link below.

This book is a short especially for exams preparation but it can is particularly written for USMLE. But still it is one of the best resource for all types of exams.

This histology book of brs series can be downloaded in pdf format below this review. But if you want to buy it from amazon use the link at the end of this review.

BRS Cell Biology And Histology pdf Review:

BRS cell biology and histology is published by boards review series. Which is a popular publisher of USMLE short books. It is written by three authors that are: Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt and Judy M. Strum. It is the best short book of histology as it is the best selling and globally used book. You can read some of its features below:

brs histology pdf

Features of BRS Histology:

Here are some of the features of brs cell biology and histology book:

  • Complete human histology is explained briefly with easy to remember simple points.
  • Much better illustration than other short books. Different slides and diagrams etc for almost all topics.
  • Different tables are given for memorizing different lists etc.
  • More then 400 USMLE types review questions with detailed answers and explanation.
  • If you buy the latest edition from the link below, you will also get a CD containing many questions and images.

Download BRS Histology pdf Latest Edition:

You can Download Latest Edition of BRS histology free Below:

Buy BRS Cell Biology and Histology:

You can buy this book at discount price from amazon from 12-43$ only using the link below:


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