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The most important and difficult thing for any physician is to diagnose any disease or disorder. Treatment always comes after diagnoses and is totally based on it. Any treatment that is done without diagnosis is very dangerous and life threatening. So, if you want to be a good doctor, first you would need to learn the process of diagnosis. And you would need to use the information properly and do treatments.

Fortunately we have a book called current medical diagnosis and treatment pdf that can be used to learn the complete step by step process of diagnosis and treatment both. Here is our brief review of CMDT 2016.

CMDT 2016 pdf:

Current medical diagnosis and treatment 2016, is the fifty fifth edition of CMDT series. It is written by Dr Maxine A Papadakis and Dr Stephen J Mcphee. It is one of the most popular book of medical diagnosis which is cleared from the number of editions of this book.

Not only diagnosis, but is also provides a detailed knowledge about the treatment based on diagnosis.

current medical diagnosis and treatment 2016 pdf download free

Here are some of the features of this book:

Features of CMDT:

  • CMDT is one of the most popular book used by many medical students.
  • It is one of the best selling book on amazon and other sites online as well as offline.
  • This books has 55 editions, which proves its popularity and fame.
  • This book has covered almost all the topics for different diagnosis. You can see the contents below.
  • There is an online program from where you can get much extra knowledge.


Here are the list of chapters of this book:

  1. Disease prevention and health promotion.
  2. Common Symptoms.
  3. Preoperative evaluations and preoperative management.
  4. Geriatric Disorders.
  5. Palliative care and Pain Management.
  6. Dermatological Disorders.
  7. Disorders of the eyes and lids.
  8. Ear, nose and throat disorders.
  9. Pulmonary disorders.
  10. Heart Diseases.
  11. Systemic Hypertension.
  12. Blood Vessel and lymphatic disorders.
  13. Blood disorders.
  14. Disorders of hemostasis, thrombosis and anti-thrombotic therapy.
  15. Gastrointestinal disorders.
  16. Liver, billiary tract and pancreas disorders.
  17. Breast Disorders.
  18. Gynecologic disorders.
  19. Obstetrics and obstetric disorders.
  20. Rheumatologic, Immunologic and allergic disorders.
  21. Electrolyte and acid base disorders.
  22. Kidney diseases.
  23. Urologic disorders.
  24. Nervous system disorders.
  25. Psychiatric disorders.
  26. Endocrine disorders.
  27. Diabetes Mellitus and hypoglycemia.
  28. Lipid disorders
  29. Nutritional disorders.
  30. Common problems in infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy.
  31. HIV infection and AIDS.
  32. Viral and rickettsial infections.
  33. Bacterial and chlamydial infections.
  34. Spirochetal infections.
  35. Protozoal and Helminthic infections.
  36. Mycotic infections.
  37. Disorders related to environmental emergencies.
  38. Poisoning
  39. Cancer.
  40. Inherited disorders.
  41. Sports medicine and outpatient orthopedics.
  42. Women’s health issues.
  43. Diagnostic testing and medical decision making.

Other chapters are available online, so you must purchase this in order to access every part of this book.

Download Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2016 pdf:

You can download CMDT 2016 pdf free below using download button.

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All chapters are not available in this pdf format, so you must buy it from the link below for online access to each and every part of this book.


You can buy this book in hard copy from amazon for only 76$ with free shipping here.

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