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There are many books of psychiatry but the one which is requested the most and is used by many students is 1st aid psychiatry. The reason of its popularity is that it is written by one of the best author and published by First Aid series. You can read First aid psychiatry clerkship pdf review below and download it in pdf form from the link at the end of this post.

First aid psychiatry for the Clerkship pdf:

This book is written by four authors that are: Latha G Stead, S. Matthew Stead, Matthew S Kaufman, Debra Klamen. This book is published by one of the most well known 1st aid series. And as you know first aid publishes one of the best quality book that is used by many medical students, same is the case with first aid psychiatry.

This book is available in pdf format and you can download it for free below. Also you can buy it at discount prices from amazon below. But before that, first read our review of this book below.

first aid psychiatry pdf

Features of first aid psychiatry pdf:

  1. 1st aid psychiatry is one of the well known book of psychiatry.
  2. This book is in very simple language and easy to understand.
  3. This book has various clinical psychiatry cases and their treatment.
  4. This book has covered almost all the psychiatry topics and clinical diseases.
  5. First aid psychiatry has many positive reviews. You can search for more reviews online.
  6. This book has 4 editions which means that this book is one of the most advanced book of psychiatry.


Here is the preface of 1st aid psychiatry:

This clinical study aid was designed in the tradition of the First Aid series of books. It is formatted in the same way as the other books in this series; however, a stronger clinical emphasis was placed on its content in relation to psychiatry. You will find that rather than simply preparing you for success on the clerkship exam, this resource will help guide you in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of many problems seen by psychiatrists. Each of the chapters in this book contains the major topics central to the practice of psychiatry and has been specifically designed for the medical student learning level. It contains information that psychiatry clerks are expected to learn and will ultimately be responsible for on their shelf exams. The content of the text is organized in the format similar to other texts in the First Aid series. Topics are listed by bold headings, and the “meat” of the topics provides essential information.

Buy & Download first aid psychiatry pdf 3rd edition pdf:

You can download first aid psychiatry pdf 4th edition free below. Click the green download button.

If you want to buy its latest edition in hard copy, you can buy it for 50$ with free shipping from amazon here.

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