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Community medicine is a subject/branch of medical sciences that deals with the health of overall community. Social medicine is one of the must subject for medical students. The reason is that is order to prevent various diseases, we have to control them at community or population level because some communicable diseases can be easily spread. And prevention at root level can save a lot of resources. Therefore if you are a medical student and have a subject of preventive and social medical, you must read this Park’s textbook of preventive and social medicine. Because it is one of the best book out there. You can download this book  in pdf format at the end of our review and buy it at discount price so if you know already about this book, scroll down and skip the review.

Preventive and Social Medicine by k park pdf

Preventive And Social Medicine By K. Park pdf Review:

In the list of standard books for social and preventive medicine, a textbook by K. Park is always amongst one of the best. This book has 23 editions and one of the standard book for community medicine. It is used globally and a very famous book of community medicine among the students. For more, read the features of this book below:

Features of Preventive And Social Medicine pdf:

Here are some of the salient features of this community medicine book:

  • It is one of the standard book of preventive and social medicine.
  • This book is used all over the word by all medical students.
  • This book is available in both hard cover and paperback.
  • This book of community medicine has 23 editions. Twenty third being the latest one.
  • This book has colored illustration and various tables and graphs that helps in quick review and makes it easy to learn.

Download Preventive And Social Medicine by K. Park Pdf:

You can download K. Park social medical book in pdf format below:

Sorry, this book is not available in pdf format at the moment. Kindly check this page later or Buy this book at discount price below.

Buy Preventive And Social Medicine:

You can buy the latest version i.e 23rd version of this book below:


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