Download Textbook of Preventive And Social Medicine By Mahajan & Gupta pdf

Preventive and social medicine is one of the very important subject. The reason is that if you don’t spread awareness about the communicable diseases, we cannot prevent it. And this is the responsibility of a doctor to help the community get rid of communicable diseases. Therefore, the knowledge the these diseases and the study of their prevention at population level is very important. And for this purpose, you need a good book of community medicine to have a sound knowledge of social and preventive medicine.

We have already wrote our review on K Park Textbook of preventive and social medicine pdf along with its features. But today, upon the request of many of our readers, we are writing a review on one of the other famous community book called textbook of preventive and social medicine. You can read our complete review of this book along with its features below and download it in pdf form as well. Alternatively, you can buy this textbook of social medical at discount price below.

Download Textbook of Preventive And Social Medicine By Mahajan & Gupta pdf

Mahajan And Gupta’s Textbook of Preventive And Social Medicine Review:

This textbook of community medicine is written by Two Indian authors Mahajan And Gupta. It is published by Jaypee Brothers. And is revised by another two authors called Rabindra Nath Roy and Indranil Saha. This is an Indian book of community medicine having four editions and is one of the famous book in Asia and used globally by many medical students.

Features of Textbook of Preventive and Social Medical pdf:

Here are some of the features of this Indian Social Medicine book:

  • This Indian community medicine book is one of the most famous book amongst Asian students.
  • This book has several revision, the 4th edition being the latest edition now.
  • The fourth edition, that is the latest edition is updated with many new/advance knowledge and illustration etc.
  • Epidemiology,food and nutrition, MCH and family planning, management, demography and vital statistics, disaster, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, biomedical waste management, immunization, geriatrics, communication,etc. National Health Programs have also been thoroughly revised and updated.
  • Latest SRS and census data have also been included in the latest 4th edition.
  • Various important topics are highlighted with examples and justifications.
  • New illustration and flow charts are added in the latest (fourth) edition.
  • Various topics of post graduation level are added.
  • This book is also one of the best resource of MCQ’s type examination as well as other types of post graduation entrance tests.

Download Mahajan And Gupta’s Textbook of Preventive And Social Medicine pdf:

You can download this community medicine by mahajan and gupta in pdf format below using download button.

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