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Pharma is a subjects of all about drugs and their actions and mechanisms and side effects etc. To be a good doctor of any field, learning pharmacology is a must and cannot be compromised. As treatment without drugs is not possible all the times. Only in few cases you would treat without drugs with natural therapies etc but in majority cases, you would need to advice medicines. Therefore learning pharma should not be taken lightly. A good book of pharmacology can solve all of your problems as pharmacology is a bit difficult subject and a good teacher and good book can make it easy. Therefore you should select your pharma book wisely. Here on this site, we have reviewed a few pharma books that are: Lippincott Illustrated reviews pharmacology pdf, Basic and clinical pharma pdf, rang and dale pharmacology and a short book of pharmacology i.e pharmacology made ridiculously simple. After receiving many requests via comments, today we are reviewing another one of the best widely used book of pharmacology i.e essentials of medical pharmacology pdf.

This book is also called KD Tripathi pharmacology pdf. You can read our complete review and features of this book below. You can also download kd tripathi pharma in pdf format below OR but it from amazon.

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology pdf:

Essentials of medical pharmacology is written by KD Tripathi MD and published by Jaypee series. This particular book of pharmacology is one of the standard book that is used globally and has many positive reviews that you can read on amazon and good reads etc. You can read some of the these review here. If you click on the reviews link, you will find that some of the reviews are negative but majority of them are positive which means you should consider this book while selecting a pharmacology book. Not only reviews but this series itself is a well known series that is “Essentials of Medical” series. They have already published a lot of medical books of different subjects and their publisher is also a well known medical publisher.

kd tripathi pharmacology pdf download or buy

If you want to try EMP yourself, you can download it in pdf format below. Here are some of the screenshots of this pharma book:

Features of KD Tripathi pharmacology:

  • Along with use of drugs, their mechanisms, toxicology and kinetics are also described.
  • The latest edition of this book has a user friendly format.
  • All chapters have been update in latest edition and new drugs are added.
  • Recent developments have been highlighted, notably in hormone replacement therapy, aromatase inhibitors, bisphosphonates, selective COX-2 inhibitors, atypical antipsychotics, therapy of diabetes mellitus, heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, Alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism, glaucoma, kala azar, etc.
  • Some new chapters are added in latest edition.
  • New drugs are added and old drugs that are not used are removed from the latest edition.
  • Clear illustrations that helps to understand mechanisms of drugs and tables that lists various drugs are present.
  • Although this is an Indian pharma book but all the drugs that are used as well as that are not used in India are included.

Download Essentials of Medical Pharmacology by kd tripathi pdf:

You can download Essentials of medical pharmacology latest edition in pdf format here: Click to download button below to start download.

Note: The book is recently removed because of copyrights notice from book publisher. Unfortunately, you can’t download this book for free now. So you would have to buy at discount price via the link below or contact us for more help.

Buy This book in hard copy:

You can buy Essentials of Medical pharmacology for 7th edition only for 25$ from amazon.

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