Last’s Anatomy pdf Review And Best Deals

Regional and applied i.e Last’s anatomy pdf is another well known anatomy book. This Book was requested by many people so we are reviewing it today. You can also download this book (regional and applied anatomy) in pdf format at the end of this post. But first read our review of this book.

Last’s Anatomy pdf:

Last anatomy also called regional and applied anatomy is written by Chummy S Sinnatamby. This book is based on regional anatomy means if you want to study anatomy regionally then you should read and follow this book. This book is quite unique from other books as it is not that much detailed and is somewhat brief. It has colorful diagrams that are very helpful to understand the text. And you wouldn’t need any atlas to search for diagrams.

This book is best for MRCS studies. But other students can also use it as it is one of the best book of anatomy.

last's anatomy pdf 12 edition download

Here are some more books of regional anatomy that you should also try:

Snell anatomy by regions pdf.

Gray’s clinical anatomy.

Moore anatomy pdf.

Here are some of the features of Last’s anatomy:


  • This is one of well known anatomy book that is used internationally.
  • Last anatomy has clear labelled diagrams which are most important for learning anatomy.
  • Last anatomy has also  clinical points and case studies.
  • This book has many positive reviews. You can read them online at amazon or other sites.
  • Last anatomy has 12 editions which shows that this book is updated frequently with new stuff.
  • Last anatomy is the best book for MRCS studies.
  • If you look at the content (below) you would notice that all the topic are given in very good sequence. Which helps students to learn in more good manner.
  • All the illustrations in the latest edition is in full colors.
  • It is more easy for students to learn the anatomy from colored diagrams and endoscopy etc in latest edition.


  1. CHAPTER 1: Introduction to regional anatomy
  2. CHAPTER 2: Upper limb
  3. CHAPTER 3: Lower limb
  4. CHAPTER 4: Thorax
  5. CHAPTER 5: Abdomen
  6. CHAPTER 6: Head and neck and spine
  7. CHAPTER 7: Central nervous system
  8. CHAPTER 8: Osteology of the skull and hyoid bone

Download Last’s anatomy pdf 12th edition:

You can download last anatomy twelfth edition pdf below using download button:

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  1. sheriff
    sheriff says:

    …just downloaded lasts anatomy. I really felt so good having it on my tab.
    I love surgery…orthopaedic surgery, I’m really hopeful dis bk will help me in my anatomy a lot.
    Thanks again for sharing….

  2. Dr efedaye goodluck
    Dr efedaye goodluck says:

    The best thing that happened to me today was successfully downloading this latest edition,as a doctor preparing for my primaries,i am really grateful.many thanks

  3. Abulkathir
    Abulkathir says:

    I must thank you Dr Khan; am very very happy to get this book downloaded. I dont really have any word to thank you but all i can say may God help you. More grace to your elbow

  4. Daud Saif
    Daud Saif says:

    Hello sir, Thank you for your great information.
    I need this book very argent.Could you please send me this to my Email?


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