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Master the boards step 2 CK pdf is a book written and published by kaplan series. It is one of the most widely used book for USMLE step 2.

Previously we shared master the boards step 3 pdf with you. But after receiving a lot of requests from visitors, we are now writing a review for master the boards step 2. You can read our review of this books below and download it in pdf format for free. Also you can buy it from amazon from at lowest prices (as low as 9$) from right side bar or the end of this review.

Master the boards step 2:

Master the Boards Step 2 CK pdf is written by Conrad Fisher, MD. And is published by Kaplan series. This author is a well know author and he has written many other medical books as well.

This book is one of the best book for USMLE step 2 studies/preparations. This book is the best selling book of master the boards on amazon and is requested here by many readers which means that this book is one of the most famous book for USMLE. You can download MTB step 2 pdf below or buy it in hard copy at discount price.

master the boards step 2 pdf download free

Features of Master the Boards Step 2 CK pdf:

Here are some of the key features of this USMLE book:

  • Master the boards series is the best series for USMLE and Kaplan is a well known Publisher.
  • This book is also best for exams other then USMLE.
  • This book is best for revision. As they have summarized all the topics in few lines. And the most important points have been highlighted.
  • This book has mentioned all the important things briefly.
  • This book cover almost all the subjects for USMLE in just one book.
  • This book contains some useful instructions for USMLE as well in the beginning.
  • MTB is one of the most famous series for USMLE preparation.
  • Different diagrams and tables etc are given where necessary.


Table of Contents:

Here is the list of chapters of this book. From this you can get a rough idea about this book and compare it with other USMLE books.

  • Authors note
  • How to use this book
  • Section 1: Internal Medicine
    1. Infectious Diseases
    2. Allergy and Immunology
    3. Cardiology
    4. Endocrinology
    5. Pulmonary
    6. Rheumatology
    7. Hematology
    8. Gastroenterology
    9. Neurology
    10. Nephrology
    11. Oncology
  • Section 2: Preventive Medicine
  • Section 3: Dermatology
  • Section 4: Surgery
  • Section 5: Pediatrics
  • Section 6: Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Section 7: Radiology
  • Section 8: Ophthalmology
  • Section 9: Psychiatry
  • Section 10: Emergency Medicine
  • Section 11: Ethics

master the boards step 2 table of contents

Download Master the Step 2 CK pdf:

You can download master the boards step 2 pdf free below:

Note: This book is removed due to copyright issue.

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