Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf Download Free [6th Edition]

Netter’s Anatomy of Flash Cards PDF is a book written by John Hansen for med students, making their life much easier. The book was published by Elsevier in 2010 and contains a total of 676 pages. It contains the structure of all 78 organs in the human body. Since they are easy to carry, these flash cards are the most conveniently portable way of learning anatomy while you are on the bus or on your way to class. The latest edition is the third edition in which the illustrations are all in color. To get the book, download Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf for free.

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Review:

This book is a great tool for students to learn the structure of different human organs and that too with ultimate ease and portability. Along with the illustrations, there is relevant information regarding those organs and clinical aspects of that particular region or system. The book is written in an order starting from the head and neck going all the way to the lower limb.

In between these two regions, the back, spinal cord, thorax, and abdomen are also discussed. Also, the pelvis and upper limb have a chapter of their own too. The perineum is also discussed in the same chapter as the pelvis.

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf Features:

  • On the front of the card, there is a colored illustration fi the organs. The structures are labeled too. On the back of each card, there is relevant information about those particular organs in terms of anatomy.
  • There are pre-punched holes in the cards so you can easily carry them around with you. There is a binding ring that makes things much easier.
  • Also, the flashcards are accompanied by the online resource at where students have access to over 300 multiple choice questions and some bonus cards too.
  • Overall, these flash cards are a great resource for learning during med school and even after studies, when you need to refresh your memory.

Download Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf Free:

You can  download the 6th edition of Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards Pdf free via the download button below.

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