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If you are a medical student, then you would be definitely aware of the importance of Subject “pharmacology”. It is one of the most important and hard subject for medical students. The reason is that every medical student must have a good knowledge of different drugs, their uses, and their side effects because one cannot became a doctor if he don’t know about different drugs. And the reason it is a tough subject is that, it is very difficult to learn the names of different drugs.

Therefore, a good book of pharmacology is very necessary for medical student that makes it easy to study pharmacology because some books are very time consuming while other makes it easy to learn the subject. And same is the case with pharmacology.

Previously, we have shared different books of pharmacology with you which you can download in pdf format for free from the links below:

Today i am going to share one more book of pharmacology with you which is requested by many of our readers here. This book is called Rang and Dale Pharmacology. You can download it in pdf format below or can buy it in hard copy at discount price as well. But first read our review of this book and learn about some of its features.

Rang and Dale Pharmacology Review:

This book is written by M.M Dale, H.P Rang, J.M Ritter, R.J Flower, G.Handerson. This book is one of the best selling book and is widely used by medical students. This book has multiple editions and has many positive reviews. As this book was requested by many of our readers, i checked it and found some great features in it. You can read them below and decide whether this is worth reading or not.

rang and dale pharmacology pdf download and review

Rang  And dale pharmacology pdf features:

  • This first thing that i noticed is that it is a very detailed book and all major topics are categorized into different chapters.
  • This book has a section for clinical notes and information as well which is very useful.
  • Rang and dale is specially useful due to its tables and diagrams that makes it extremely easy to read.
  • This book is widely searched on internet which shows that this book is used by many students.
  • This is also a best selling book at amazon and other sellers.
  • A new chapter (Ch. 6) on host defense mechanisms has been included in the section on cellular mechanisms.
  • Pharmacogenetics, an increasingly important topic for prescribers, is treated in a separate chapter (Ch. 11).
  • A new chapter on the pharmacology of purines (Ch. 16) has been included.• A new chapter (Ch. 17) on local hormones and other mediators involved in inflammatory and immune responses has been included in the section on chemical mediators, with information on immunosuppressant and anti inflammatory drugs (Ch. 26) presented separately
  • Several chapters in Section 3 (Drugs affecting major organ systems) and Section 4 (Nervous system) have been substantially revised and reorganized to include recent developments.

Download Rang and Dale Pharmacology Pdf 7th edition:

You can download 7th edition of this book in pdf format below:

Note: The download link is recently removed because of copyright notice. You can buy it using the link below.

Buy in discount price (hard copy):

You can buy this rang and dale 8th edition with free shipping at 59$ here.

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  1. Dr. Irfan
    Dr. Irfan says:

    Thanks you Dr. Khan for such material which have made available on your website and more significantly all free to download. Thanks once again.

  2. praveen kushwasha
    praveen kushwasha says:

    Thank you Dr. Khan for available for such kind of pdf formet collectio of pharmacy books .i really thankfull for you becouse as a pharmacy student very helpfull these book….
    Thanks again


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