Recommended Medical Books list

Are you a new medical student? If yes, then you would be definitely searching for the best books out there. Because there are a lot of books for each subject and different people will recommend different books, therefore to choose the right book, you would need to read few page of different books. After that you would be in a position to choose one book and continue your studies from it.

Here in this site, we are providing all the medical books in pdf format for free so that you can easily choose the book that suits you. You can download almost every book or if it is not there, you can request.

Here in this post, i being a medical student, would compile a  recommended medical books list that would make you task of choosing books easy.

Recommended Medical books list:

Here are 1-2 recommended medical books from every chapter. You can download them for free from this site to try them and if you want to buy it in hard copy, you can do that too.

recommended medical books list

Recommended anatomy books:

Anatomy is the study of different structures of human body and their relationship ship with other structures. You cannot become o doctor, or cannot study further subjects before studying anatomy. And that is the reason, anatomy is thought during first and second year of medical college.

Here is the list of all the best selling and most used books of anatomy:

Snell clinical anatomy:

Snell anatomy is considered to be one of the best book from clinical point of view. You can study gross anatomy from this and also learn clinical points along with each topic. Different comparison tables etc makes it very easy to learn the names, origin and insertion and innervation of different muscles.

You can download snell anatomy here.

Clinically oriented anatomy:

Clinical anatomy by keith L Moore, is another book of anatomy that canbe used for detailed study of clinical anatomy. If you want to study anatomy more deeply then this book should be your choice. Fortunately, you can download this book for free here.

Netter atlas:

Learning human anatomy without atlas or videos is very difficlut and time conusing task. There you should download netter altas in pdf format and start using it from the very first day when you start reading book of clinical anatomy.

Snell Neuroanatomy:

Neuro anatomy is anther very important subject and needs to be learned properly. Without a good book, learning this subject is very hard. Therefore, the book which i believe to be the best is snell clinical neuro anatomy. You can download or buy it from the link given above.


For embryology, langman’s embryology is one of the best. You can download this book here.

Recommended physiology book:

There are many books of physiology, but the one which i have studied is guyton medical physiology. This is one of the standard and best selling book of physiology. You should give it a try while selecting a book of physiology.

Recommended Biochemistry books:

There are number of good books of biochemistry. Here i would not list any single book but i will select 2-3 books. You can choose anyone from them. All of these books are the best and you can choose any of them.

Lippincott Illustrated reviews: biochemistry:

Lippincott series always come up with the best books and same is the case with biochem book. This is one of the best selling books of biochemistry. You can read more about it here.

Recommended Pharmacology books:

Again lippincott illustrated review: pharmacology is at the top in the list of recommended books of pharmacology.

 Recommended Pathology books:

Robbins pathologic basis of diseases is my Favorite. and i would recommend it as the best book of pathology.

Note: this list is not complete and would be regularly updated when new books are added to this site.

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