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Biochemistry is the subject of life process and reactions. It is the combination of biology and chemistry. And thus it is very important for medical students. Because without understanding the life processes and reactions, it is difficult to understand subjects like pharmacology etc.

There are standard book of biochemistry like lippincott biochemistry. But there are other Indian books that are also very useful and some of the students prefer them over standard books. The reason of this is that, these Indian books are very easy to understand i.e everything explained in simple language and are best for exams.

The book that we are going to review today is also an Indian biochemistry book. This book is quite famous in Asia but is also used globally. This books is called satyanarayana biochemistry or biochemistry textbook by satyanarayana. I have personally read this book during my 2nd year MBBS and found it to be one of the best biochemistry resource available to MBBS and other medical undergraduates and post graduate biochem students.

satyanarayana biochemistry pdf

Satyanarayana Biochemistry Review:

As mentioned, satyanarayana biochemistry is one of the best book of biochemistry that is written by Indian authors U. Satyanarayana and U. Chakrapani. This book has 3 editions and several revisions and prints. The book is extremely popular and recommended for biochemistry in India, Pakistan and other asian countries. There are different diagrams, tables, summaries and MCQ’s etc that add some more to it. MCQ’s are especially important for exams and self evaluation.

To learn more about its other features read below:

Satyanarayana Biochemistry pdf Features:

Here are the features of 3rd edition of satyanarayana biochem book:

  • The diagrams and reactions are very important in biochemisty. And these are given in detail and very neat in this book. Therefore students prefer it over other books because of colored illustrations with every topic.
  • The tables are very important that are rarely seen in other biochemistry book.
  • Summaries at the end of every chapter is very helpful for revisions.
  • In the latest edition of satya biochemistry, each chapter is revised and updated with advance content and knowledge.
  • In the latest edition of this biochemistry book, more colored illustrations are added.
  • In the latest edition of satyanarayana biochemistry, complete new sections on molecular biology and biotechnology are added.
  • Many new chapters are added in the latest edition of satyanarayana biochemistry.
  • Practical biochemistry and clinical biochemistry are added in the latest edition.

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Download Satyanarayana Biochemistry pdf free:

You can download satyanarayana biochem book in pdf format below:

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