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Previously we shared with you NMS surgery and NMS surgery casebook. Which is one of the best surgery book especially the case studies book. But this is not the only best book of surgery. There are some other books as well that are extremely popular and widely used across the globe. One of them is The Surgical Recall. This book is widely searched over internet and is of the best selling surgery book both offline and online.

You can download surgical recall pdf from the link below and also buy it from amazon with our link at discount price.

Surgical Recall pdf:

Surgical recall is one of the well known surgery book written by Dr Lorne H. Blackbourne. This book has seven editions and is regularly updated. The latest edition is has all new surgical methods and techniques.

Surgical Recall pdf-download free

You can read more about it features below:

Features of the Advance Surgical recall pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • It is the best selling book of surgery having seven editions.
  • This books is written by a well know surgeon.
  • In surgical recall, all the chapters are divided into 84 chapters.
  • Beautiful surgical diagrams and tables are given that makes learning process more easy.
  • The author of this books started writing this books during his third year of medical Student. Therefore, it is made all according to the needs of a medical students.
  • This book includes the fundamental information such as description of signs, symptoms, diseases, treatment and pathophysiology etc.
  • Socratic method is applied during the formation of this book i. e there is a list of questions or problems on the left side of the page while answers are given on the right side.
  • For effective management of patients, the author has included many practical tips that are extremely beneficial for students.

Download Surgical Recall pdf ebook free:

Download surgical recall pdf format seventh edition free below:

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Buy Surgical Recall in Hard Copy:

You can buy this book in hard copy 7th edition only for 54$ here.

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