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If you are looking for some of the thrilling novels concerning the field of medical, then you are on the right place to know. The hot zone is one of the most thrilling novels by Richard Preston. In this novel Richard tells us the birth places and events where some of most dangerous viral diseases such as Marburg, Ebola and Viral hemorrhagic fevers occurred. I shall provide you with PDF for the hot zone book online but let us first have a quick review of The Hot Zone by Richard Preston.

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The Hot Zone-A Terrifying True story Review:

Without any doubt, The Hot zone is one of the most fantastic books. If you love you reading medical books and a little bore of medical study books and you are looking for some novel related to medical then the hot zone is yours to read.

Richard Preston’s protagonist is Charles Montes who is caught by MARV when he visited Kitum Cave in Kenya. Richard beautifully describes how the disease started spreading to backache from beginning headache. These symptoms lead Charles to the internal organ failure while waiting in a hospital hall in Nairobi. You would definitely love the depiction of the Doctor who also got victimized while in the treatment of Charles.

The other part of the book discusses the finding of the Reston virus in the monkeys which were imported in the Reston, Virginia.

This books was titled ‘The most horrifying’ by a horror book writer Stephen King. Suzanne Collins, another of the big television names, he was asked about the book. He replied, ”the book scared the shit out of me and am still recovering from it after many weeks have passed”.

After knowing this the hot zone book summary, you must be looking forward to read the book. I would say don’t waste any more time and download the PDF below.

The Hot Zone sections:

The hot zone book consists of four section which are ordered as follows.

  1. The Shadow of the Mountain Elgon.
  2. The Monkey House.
  3. Smash Down.
  4. Kitum Cave.

Preface to the Hot Zone:

This book is not a fiction. The story of the book is true and every character is real. At some points I have changed the names of characters such as Charles Montes and Peter. When I have changed a name, I state so in the text.
The dialogue comes from the recollections of the participants and has been extensively crosschecked. At certain moments in the story, I describe the stream of a personal thoughts. In such instances, I am basing my narrative on interviews with the subjects in which they have recalled their thoughts often repeatedly, followed by fact-checking sessions in which the subjects confirmed their recollections. If you ask a person what were you thinking? You may get an answer that is richer and more revealing of the human condition than any stream of thoughts a novelist could invent. I try to see through people’s faces into their minds and listen through their words into their lives, and what I find there is beyond imagining.

Download The Hot Zone pdf:

You can download this book in pdf below:

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