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The Second Brain is a book written by Michael Gershon. This book was originally published in 1998. Gershon spent a large part of his life researching on what is known as the ‘second brain’. Your first brain is located in your head and it deals with the thought process, memory and philosophy. However, this second brain is present in the gut. This book is an interesting read for anyone who wants to learn more about the human body. It is also a good reference guide for students who need to understand the importance of the human gut for their curriculum. A free download link for The Second Brain Pdf is given at the end.

The Second Brain Pdf Review:

Have you ever felt the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach? This feeling is very common when you go for something huge like public talking, a competition or contest. This is due to the presence of nerves in the gut. The human gut is not only responsible for controlling digestion. It has a plethora of nerves in the long tube of the intestine that acts as the second brain. This brain is involved in different intestinal diseases that occur in the body.

Gershon talks about how there are 100 million neurons in the second brain. This number is greater than the number of neurons present in the central or the peripheral nervous system. This brain is not involved in the thinking process but it helps us ‘feel’ the internal environment of our gut.

The Second Brain Pdf

The Second Brain Pdf Features:

  • The author talks about his second brain have its own reflexes and it has its own sense.
  • This second brain is responsible for controlling the gut function. Interestingly, it does so without any interference from the first brain.
  • The author also explains the evolution of this second brain. According to him, the evolution of this brain is quite complex and still needs to be understood.

Download The Second Brain Pdf Free:

You can download The Second Brain Pdf ebook free via the download button below.

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